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Choose a Cigar


How to Choose a Cigar?
Whether you are a beginner or an experienced cigar smoker, it is important to understand the different factors and parameters that can guide your choice. The vast number of types of cigars may feel overwhelming, but by experimenting with different brands, you will eventually find the perfect fit.
Determine for how long you want to smoke.
Choose a shape.
Choose a gauge.
Inspect your cigar.

Light a cigar


How do you properly light a cigar?
follow the steps below to light and enjoying your cigar
Choose a well-made cigar you want to smoke.
Use an odorless flame to light the cigar.
Light your cigar with match or a butane lighter.
Toast the cigar.
Take short puffs while holding your cigar close to the flame.

Cut a cigar


Why do you have to cut a cigar?
The end with the ‘head’ or ‘cap’ is the end which goes in your mouth. If you wouldn’t cut the cigar, you can’t smoke it because there would be no opening to smoke through!

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