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Kings Story

kings story

When a handful of dynamic, highly motivated and industrious friends needed to unwind after a demanding day at the office, they would often gravitate to a tranquil location to enjoy their favorite cigars. Their stress and anxiety would soon vanish like the drifting clouds of smoke from their cigars. The leader of this self-proclaimed “Brothers of the Leaf,” Anwar Mithavayani, eventually challenged his friends to embark on a new career path so they could more intimately embrace their passion for cigars and the cigar lifestyle.

Cigars Development
Our foundation

The foundation for this new venture actually began as early as 2010 with the original founders Anwar and Randy, at the Ahi Bar in Santiago, Dominican Republic, where they would smoke cigars and drink rum long into the night, formulating the business model for their passion.

Our Ratings

The lofty ratings from the Cigar Journal, a prestigious international publication, further reinforced the many complimentary testimonials from their cigar smoking fans that “KINGS is establishing the new standard for  Cigars.”

Our mission

Their mission has been accomplished – to create flawless cigars using the finest aged binder and filler tobacco, complimented with the ultimate wrapper to attain KINGS perfection. Aging cigars 3-10 years to considered among the best.

Customer Cigars Reviews